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What Should Be Considered When Choosing Dog Food?

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Dog Food?

Are you trying to choose the right dog food for your dog? Proper nutrition is one of your dog's most basic needs and good food is one of the most important factors for your dog's healthy development. There are thousands of different dog food options on the market, so choosing the right dog food can be hard. There are main qualities that we should pay attention to when choosing the food of our best friends;

1-Look for food that is suitable for your dog's age

The food your dog needs for each stage of his life is different. What food you give your dog and how much food you feed it will depend on the age of the dog. All dogs are considered puppies up to 1-year-old. For the healthy development of your dog up to the age of 1, you should buy the most suitable puppy food. Puppy dog foods are formulated to promote the development and immune system by considering the needs of the dogs. It is also crucial to pick the right food for adult dogs since many foods provide additional support for age-related conditions, such as joint pain.

When recommending dog foods, it usually revolves around the brands but the important thing is which food is good for your dog. A dog food brand that is recommended as the best brand and high in quality may not be that good for your dog's health. You have to take into consideration all the characteristics of your dog in order to find the right food.

2-Consider a food formulated specifically for his weight

In order for your dog to be healthy and stay at his ideal weight, he should eat the most suitable food and move enough. The packages of the foods should be read carefully and the recommended amount of food should be strictly followed. The recommended amounts differ by age, sex and weight of the animal. You must put the required amount of food in the food bowl for your dog. There are also diet dog foods produced for overweight dogs. These foods, which are prepared by reducing the grain and calorie ratio, help your dog to live a healthier life.

Weight gain is due to poor feeding by dog owners unless dog has an inherited disorder. If you feed your dog more food than you should, if your dog stays with you during your meals and remains inactive, he will continue gaining weight rapidly. Taking your dog's weight under control by paying attention to all these factors will increase the quality of his life.

3-Feed your dog the food that is suitable for the breed and type of your dog

Our furry friends, whom we look after in our homes or on the street, are of various breeds and types with different characteristics. The activity level of dog breeds and the nutritional values they should receive are different from each other. It is also very important to select the right dog food according to the breed size. Your dog needs balanced nutrients for growth, immune function, healthy skin, coat and bone development. Therefore, the food for dogs of different breeds should also be different.

Small breed dogs spend most of their time at home, and their range of motion is generally confined. Choosing protein-rich foods may harm the health of sedentary dogs, leading to weight gain or allergy-related complaints.

Large breed dogs usually live in houses with yards and therefore their range of movement is wider. Therefore, more nutritious foods should be preferred compared to small breed dogs. The dogs who live in smaller spaces, such as apartments, are also required to be taken to walks regularly.

Another reason why we choose dog food according to the breed is the size of the food. The kibble sizes for small breed dogs should be suitable for their jaw and oral structures. For large breed dogs, the kibble sizes are large for both satiety and easy eating. Each breed of a dog consuming the food produced for them will promote a healthy life for them.

4-Consider the dog's coat type as well

There are many breeds of dogs who has sensitive coat and fur. When selecting a food for your dog it would be very beneficial for your dog to consider his breed, type of coat and fur. The protein source in the food is also crucial. Sometimes dogs with sensitive skin may have allergic reactions to chicken or fish and they may experience rashes on their skin. Dog foods containing fish may cause dogs to smell in the summer months and may have too strong taste due to the protein ratio, but its healing properties should not be overlooked. If your dog does not have a specific allergy, dog food made from fish is recommended.

5-Feed your dog with food suitable for his activity level

Is your dog perpetually moving in the same environment and at the same pace? Or do you take your furry friend for a short walk several times a day? How much energy a dog spends each day will give a lot of insight into the specific nutrients required to promote a healthy lifestyle.

6-Consider your dog's taste and choose the food he enjoys the most

No matter how much research you've done about it, if your dog isn't eating the food, don't buy it. You will have to balance all of the above factors with what your dog prefers. It's a good idea to buy the food your dog loves to eat, or he won't eat the food you buy by paying high prices.

Of course, all dogs are very fond of eating. There are many dog foods available in different brands and ingredients in the market. While trying to choose the healthiest food among these foods, you should consider your dog's taste.

While some of our furry friends do not even like the best quality food, they may love to eat low-quality and affordable food. There is no standard for this. Choosing what your dog loves to eat among the foods that you think are healthy for your dog makes it easier for you to boost his morale.

Dry food should be your dog's main food, excluding supplementary foods. For your dog to enjoy the main food with love makes it easier for him to have a healthy body. You can buy other types of foods of the brand that you use on occasion. If your dog does not insist on eating the same food, variety will be beneficial for his taste.

The meals that appeal to the taste of dogs the most and make them happy are the little treats. A piece of your food or a small number of treats will easily make your dog happy. As long as these amounts are not too much, they will both be good for his health and make your dog happy.